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The Author – Cosmin Angheluta

One step at a time

Improvement is a never-ending path

I am a freelance writer and creative enthusiast. Passionate about health, personal growth, finance, creativity and everything that revolves around the self-improvement flag. I would love to inspire people to become better, and for this blog to become the shelter of your first growth experiences.

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Starting from the lowest lows, writing and self-improvement made me reach the heights I would have never imagined. I hope to find the creativity, and the capacity to inspire other people, to walk beside me, and find together our path to success.

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If you want to collaborate with me, check the Contact page, and write me there. I will reply to you as soon as possible and see what we can create together.

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Cosmopolitan Mindset’s Logo

The Cosmopolitan Mindset born on March 2021. After many years writing on other platforms, I decided it was time to build my home, where I could talk about anything I wanted, and interact only with the people that care.

I hope this to be a shelter for those that want to improve, to become better people, but they don’t know from where to start.

Fun Fact: the name is a reflex of my ego, COSmopolitan MINdset stays for COSMIN, which is my name.